Bloid is a metalband that started out in February 2006. With several experienced metalheads from local metalbands, a new and loud band was born in the North of Holland. Bloid means ‘happy’ in dutch dialect. Cheerfull name, heavy music! Interesting about this metalband is that it is not your typical metalband with an angry attitude. Giving solid shows and having a good time is much more important than creating a ‘mean’ attitude.

The music on the other hand is dead serious! This approach has brought the band a lot of opportunities to perform live and created lots of goodwill with bookers and venues. There have been a lot of performances in the last years throughout Holland. Some nice highlights are the supports they’ve done for Sepultura, Pro-Pain, Arch Enemy and Gojira.

Watching Bloid live is like a steamroller in the highest gear. Enthousiasm, energy and power are just a few key words to describe the Bloid live sensation.

Bloid 2020:

Jeroen Broekman - Guitar / Vocals | Mike Blommestein - Vocals | Daan Broekman - Drums | Paul Bloemendaal - Bass