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Facebook events connected to “Tour dates” page

Hi all, You know the deal when you have a gig. You have to connected and change all the sites? Now we don’t have to anymore! We made a connection to the event manager from Facebook! You can also see the location within Google maps. In case you get lostContinue

Video’s added to the site!

Whoohoo! Finally we can let you see some material directly on the site. You can find this under the section “Media” in the menu. Have fun and let us know what you think! Cheers! Bloid

Site is being build as we speak!

Hi all, After a few years of a louzy website and some silly old pictures we decided to clean up the old site and start a new! Please check our Facebook page for more information about the band! Cheers! Bloid!   Also, check our facebook page for booking information forContinue